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Δήμητρα The Dimmer

Dimitra Aloutzanidou began her journey into light as an Aristotle University of Thessaloniki graduate, majoring in Stage & Costume Design (A.U.Th. Drama School). She post-graduated from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) Lighting Design Master’ program, and currently she attends Hellenic Open University’s Graphic Arts & Multimedia Master MA Postgraduate Course. At the same time, she explores and experiments on new creative horizons as founding and active member of Beforelight, a Greek-based light art and lighting design group (


She currently works as a stage and architectural designer. Every project is a custom-made plan, where she always takes under consideration its parameters, such as the position, color, intensity and the role of light into space. She also designs residential and professional lighting applications, where she incorporates elements from both lighting and scenography design, easily adjusted in terms of dimensions and colors.

Her love for geometrical forms and minimalism is part of the majority of her works, whether is a home illumination project, an event or a professional space.